Aini Homma

Osho Active Meditations • Vinyasa Flow Yoga • Yin Yoga • 
Creative Leadership & Open Innovation Methods

Aini’s roots are in Finish nature. Now living in Berlin, through meditation she has learned that same peace of the nature is always available inside.
Aini practises different techniques of self-discovery for which she trains regularly in workshops and conscious communities all over the world. She completed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training at Spirit Yoga Berlin 2016 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training at 5 Elements School of Yoga in India 2017. Summer 2017 she completed OSHO Active Meditation Facilitator’s Training in Greece. Before fully surrendering to the path of meditation she studied International Business and Entrepreneurship and after that worked 3 years as Couch and Designer for German’s biggest automotive company.
Today yoga and meditation are her natural medicine to stay strong and act from a loving space. Through moving the body and quieting the mind she helps people to get back into their bodies, allowing their life energy rise and shine from within.