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Ayahuasca Shamanism & Natural Medicine Center

Ayahuasca Shamanism & Natural Medicine Center



We are an alternative healing retreat center specializing in Amazonian plant medicine and Shamanic wisdom. Since we began our mission in 1996, guests have been joining us from around the globe to experience our authentic and guidedayahuasca ceremonies, which are designed to help individuals achieve personal and spiritual growth and development.

Mission Statement
The Refugio exists to provide our visitors a place to heal their bodies and spirits. It is a center for spiritual growth and personal healing. We are here to help our guests reconnect with the plant and animal kingdoms, and {facilitate} each individual’s awakening process and the greater healing of Mother earth.


Guests at the Refugio can expect warmth and hospitality by our wonderful staff and gifted healers. We offer a safe healing environment to help each individual address their personal/physical/emotional issues while relaxing and enjoying the embrace of the Amazon rainforest.

Our dedicated and diverse team consists of staff located at our office in Iquitos, and at our remote but accessible center situated in the Amazon Basin. Our experienced Shaman who are traditionally trained and knowledgeable in Amazonian plant medicine, and our bi-lingual support staff will ensure your stay with us is safe, comfortable, and transformative.

We practice ayahuasca shamanism and holistic natural medicine healing of the mind, body and soul at our center, which is protected by more than 1,200 acres of wild, vibrant forests. The peaceful and secluded environment encourages individuals to detach from the distractions of the Western world, and reconnect with nature.

Our first classfacilities include a large common area named ‘El Centro’, which is the hub of activities during the day. It encompasses the kitchen, dining room and library. It is a place to relax, talk with other guests, and gather for guided activities and tours. Guests enjoy privacy and seclusion in spacious two-story huts that are screened for mosquitoes, fitted with modern bathrooms, and serviced regularly.


Our ceremony house is an impressive structure and a sacred space, which is used for ayahuasca ceremonies . On the nights off, we invite guests to swim in the river and relax in the sauna.

Our guests join us at our center to experience powerful life altering ayahuasca ceremonies, regain control of their lives, and return home with a new energy and lust for life. As each individual has their own unique aspirations and healing requirements, we offer three options for guests to enjoy our ayahuasca retreat.