Elina Prem Ratna

Body & energy work practitioner • Life coach for personal empowerment • BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® practitioner • Facilitator of Soul Movement classes and workshops worldwide

At a very young age, her gifts for touch and healing were evident. As a young girl Elina would massage her grandmother, who noticed that she had a particular sensitivity in her hands and a strong capacity for touch. Years later, Elina chose to develop those skills, after being guided by an inner pull to travel, seek and learn all over the world. Her quest for personal and spiritual growth led her to live, study, and work in many places such as France, Spain, Norway, Australia, Bali, Thailand, India, and Brazil. 

Elina is certified in a variety of therapies and healing modalities, including:

Ayurvedic body massage
Ayurvedic Yoga massage
Bars (access consciousness) 
BioDynamic Breath (trauma release)
MER Myofascial Release Body work
Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) 
Transformative massage
Reiki Master Teacher (energy rebalancing) 
Thai and Balinese massage

For many years, Elina Prem Ratna has been visiting sacred sites and ashrams in India, to study and practice ‘The Path of the Heart’ - the self-inquiry and psycho-spiritual work of Prem Baba, and the ‘Pathwork ‘of Eva Pierrakos.
She integrates Tantra, Meditation and shamanism in her lifestyle and in her work.

Elina has been through her own journey of healing and self-inquiry and has experienced first hand the power of personal transformation. She combined this personal journey with many years of studying, working, and exploring, through the modalities of meditation, movement, and dance, as well as numerous other healing and therapeutic modalities. As her learning developed, she felt empowered to share with others what she had learnt herself and as a result has developed a career helping others on their own journeys of self-discovery. 

Along with offering private bodywork sessions and life coaching, Elina Prem Ratna has synthesized her knowledge and developed a unique practice called Soul Movement (link to Soul Movement section). It is a powerful tool of self-empowerment that combines conscious and free forms of movement and dance, with meditation, and breath work. Soul Movement classes focus on a psycho spiritual approach to encourage deeper more holistic self-discovery. Elina’s mission is to get people out of their heads, to connect more deeply with how they feel in their body. In doing so, they can connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self, discover their spontaneous form of expression and realize the freedom that comes with being a better, healthier and more conscious person in this world. 

Currently, her motivation is to support others on their journey of personal growth and empowerment. She facilitates groups and private sessions around the world, online and in person, and over her years of practice has had a huge effect on the lives of the people she has encountered through her treatments.