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21 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation Challenge





The challenge program is made for beginners as well as for regular meditators. You will feel more and more your existence each and every day after the morning class. We highly recommend this meditation for people that are feeling stuck and not sure how to take the next step in their lives. For people they want to feel centered, focus and presence as well for those they want to bring life in there relationships and discover a way to be themselves.

• 7 - 14 or 21 days
• Everyday 1 hour
• 07:30 - 08:30


7 Days 40€ | 14 Days 70€ | 21 Days 100€ (Students 80€)




Flying Steps Academy

Lobeckstraße 30–35, 10969 Berlin


How to get inside


Outside the building


Prenzlauer Berg | Kulturbrauerei

Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin


Your Facilitators


Aini Homma

Osho Active Meditations • Vinyasa Flow Yoga • Yin Yoga • 
Creative Leadership & Open Innovation Methods

Aini’s roots are in Finish nature. Now living in Berlin, through meditation she has learned that same peace of the nature is always available inside.
Aini practises different techniques of self-discovery for which she trains regularly in workshops and conscious communities all over the world. She completed Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training at Spirit Yoga Berlin 2016 and Yin Yoga Teacher Training at 5 Elements School of Yoga in India 2017. Summer 2017 she completed OSHO Active Meditation Facilitator’s Training in Greece. Before fully surrendering to the path of meditation she studied International Business and Entrepreneurship and after that worked 3 years as Couch and Designer for German’s biggest automotive company.
Today yoga and meditation are her natural medicine to stay strong and act from a loving space. Through moving the body and quieting the mind she helps people to get back into their bodies, allowing their life energy rise and shine from within.


Yani Oceanic

Psychological & emotional support • Life Coaching • Prana Healing • Cranio Sacral Therapy • Osho Active and Passive Meditations • Shamanic Healing Ceremonies • Whole Body Massage

Yani is working as a therapist through a method which combines an holistic approach of the human body mind and soul. His aim is to provide guidance, relief to emotional, mental as well as psychosomatic instabilities. A further aspiration of his is to free modern man from the necessity to consume a tendency, which convinces some individuals to measure their own worth as an entity as in to how many material possessions, they have acclaimed throughout their life. He does feel gratitude for existing in this dimension and especially experiencing this so very unique transitory period of time, which humanity Mother Earth and the Galaxy are currently experiencing. He finds himself in the position to heal himself and others.


Elina Prem Ratna

A body & energy work practitioner, life coach for personal empowerment, BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release® practitioner, and facilitator of Soul Movement classes and workshops worldwide.

Elina is certified in a variety of therapies and healing modalities, including:

Ayurvedic body massage
Ayurvedic Yoga massage
Bars (access consciousness) 
BioDynamic Breath (trauma release)
MER Myofascial Release Body work
Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) 
Transformative massage
Reiki Master Teacher (energy rebalancing) 
Thai and Balinese massage

For many years, Elina Prem Ratna has been visiting sacred sites and ashrams in India, to study and practice ‘The Path of the Heart’ - the self-inquiry and psycho-spiritual work of Prem Baba, and the ‘Pathwork ‘of Eva Pierrakos.
She integrates Tantra, Meditation and shamanism in her lifestyle and in her work.


Julia Buck

Strala and Yin Yoga Guide

Facilitator and Coach for conscious leadership, new work and transformation

Julia practices and guides Strala and Yin Yoga and several kinds of free moving meditations. She has a background of various teacher trainings (500h+), recently a Strala Yoga Training with Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor and Sam Berlind in Amsterdam and a Yin Yoga Training with Biff Mithoefer in Munich.

Julia has a business background in economics with a degree in international management. She works as a business consultant for more than ten years. She supports companies to react and transform to the changes in society and industry due to the current shift of consciousness and values and not least digitalization. 

As Julia has led a live that was rather driven by career for some time, she knows how easily we can get disconnected from ourselves and cut off from our feelings due to stress and unhealthy habits. Being confronted with severe illness and death in her family in her early twenties started her inward journey. Through her own experience of rewiring withholding beliefs and patterns, finding a deep connection to herself and digging deeper into our being, she helps others to find their very own way to this individual journey with an attitude of ease and joy.

7 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation for Beginners  This specific week is in regard to anyone interested in the dynamic meditation, but who has never done it before. 

7 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation for Beginners
This specific week is in regard to anyone interested in the dynamic meditation, but who has never done it before. 

40€ / Per person

14 Days   Osho Dynamic Meditation  This 2-week session is in regard to anyone interested in the dynamic meditation, in an advance level. 

14 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation
This 2-week session is in regard to anyone interested in the dynamic meditation, in an advance level. 

70€ / Per Person



Bank Transfer

Transfer full payment to Deutsche Bank

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2 days prior to session start


Pay in cash at studio the day / anytime before session start


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