Jennifer Otto

Holistic Therapist

Jenny is a Relational Therapist, Bodywhisperer and Energetic Healer.

Healing to me is a space where I meet you without agenda. It is a space of openness and acceptance.
Here you can fully arrive and fall into this sweet intimacy that arises when exploring your inner landscape. This can only happen when my knowledge, my practice and my trust have matured to a degree that allows me to let go and surrender into each moment anew.
It is a state in which I ‘feel my way forward’ as I approach your physical body, your energetic space, and your mind creature.
During our session I invite you very deeply onto the grounds of your inner ocean. A place where things can become very silent - it can feel timeless and spacious there.

A beautiful sense of buoyancy arises and your whole organism exhales deeply. In those moments I attend to your body creature with utter love and clarity. When it feels truly listened to and ready for a shift, real reorganization can happen.
If you are curious about the variety of modalities I use, feel invited to look at my website. My education has been thorough and I can attend to your being from many angles. Whether this happens through structural bodywork, emotional release or energetic touch – in the end I am curious to help you feeling more at home in your own body.

Looking forward to meeting you on the table.

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