Our Vision


We are a body mind institute for inner and outer balance. It is our daily practice to reveal love, honour all paths, and celebrate life by active and passive meditations.

Our aim is to support you in living your most magnificent life by aborting the existential fears you might encompass in order for you to connect with you higher self and finally feel free to express yourself through creativity.

Being loved and expressing it through creativity is the only reason why you came here in this lifetime. It is the way to connet with your devine nature by vibratiing in high frequencies.

This can be achieved only by meditating on a regular basis as well as through ancient healing knowledge.

We provide this possibility by offering active and passive meditations classes as well as ancient healing methods.
In our workshops you will find spiritual principles in a contemporary way, making them accessible and applicable in all of you in your daily life.

Our aim is to build a community dedicated to spread love, acceptance and transformation throughout the world, via meditation and healing beginning from Berlin.
Our team consists of teachers and healers available to you 24 / 7 in order to provide the information and assistance where questions may arise, or at least guide you to find the answers by yourself.

This can be found on the following address.  We recognize you as whole, perfect and complete.