Shanti Reema

Human Design System

Inside me there is free spirit that carring a past of an energetic body worker, a meditator, a traveler and visionary. I lived in Poona India from 10 years, working in the Mistery School of Osho. In the 1999 I was a pionier in Pachamama global village, Costa Rica, where I lived for 4 years.

The jungle was my home in different countries for long time. I know the holy plants and I got strenghs  from them.  From 15 years totally I am into a full immersion of HUMAN  DESIGN SYSTEM where all my experiences are coming toghether in gratituded and self love. If you like to know more about it you are definitly invited to take a look at

I have been in many country to present Human Design System and give individual and couple readings. We can also work with your particolar questions and bring clarity to specific issues.

For private sessions contact me online: