Internships & Volunteer Opportunities



Apply now for consideration in The Berlin Meditation and Alternative healing methodes Community program.

Our Community is a non-profit organisation providing evidence-based mind-body therapies and education, and conducting scientific research to maintain the highest quality of care.  


What if one class could change your life?  Whether taking a class or teaching a class, mind-body classes have the potential to change people's lives. Joining our Center’s Community Teaching Program is your opportunity to give back to your community. Working with special needs populations has its own rewards and unique challenges. Whether you want to work with people who are suffering with psychosomatic pains as well as chronic conditions like cancer, depression,  or warriors who have recently served in the Middle East, or with children who are struggling with the everyday stressors of life, behavioral health or learning abilities, Our Center, offers a unique opportunity to give back and make a difference. 


Apply now to volunteer and join our experienced team of health care providers



Learning opportunities

Close supervision by faculty, staff and mind-body therapists.

Attendance at regularly scheduled classes for free.  
Participate in workshops, seminars, and other special event training programs and activities.

Weekly reviews with immediate supervisor, Executive Director and other Directors of The Mindfulness Center, who closely supervise this training.


Internship Requirements

10-20 hours/week on average (or more if credit requires)
Commitment to healthful lifestyle practices.



Internship Opportunities Available


Development Internship Opportunity to learn fund-raising and writing grant-proposals for a non-profit providing charitable, integrative wellness programs to help those with cancer; individuals recovering from addiction, children with learning disabilities, and veterans. Be a part of a movement to create community-based, wellness-focused health care. Supervised by the Director of Development.


Event Coordinator Internship Learn the process of developing and implementing Wellness Programs including wellness retreats, lecture/workshop events and wellness classes and series. Learn to develop and promote exercise programs, including yoga, aerobics, tai chi and personal training. Opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the health field. Supervised by the Program Director.


Communications Internship Opportunities for learning multimedia communications development, public relations/press communication, video production, and social networking for a non-profit wellness center. Wonderful opportunity to work in a thriving, healthy work-site, meeting like-minded individuals, and communicating the message of healthy living. Learn to apply multimedia communication and/or public relations skills to the burgeoning field of integrative health care. Supervised by the Program Director.

Marketing and Advertising Internship Opportunity to learn non-profit marketing and advertising. Interns will learn to develop and implement marketing strategies and advertising for wellness programs. Will learn to use Constant Contact email marketing program and other multi-media resources. Opportunity to learn and communicate healthy living programs. Supervised by the Program Director.


Social Media Marketing Internship Opportunity to learn about and use social media, such as Facebook, Meetup, blogs and other online outlets to market wellness programs. Opportunity to network with thousands of experts and consumers in the wellness industry. Supervised by the Program Director.